Descrierea proiectului (eng)

3. Project description

3.1. Consistency with programme strategy

Please provide the following information regarding the project consistency with programme strategy (maximum 3000 characters):

Programme objective(s)

Centre of volunteers’ and nature conservation movement of Pančevo and Municipality of Caransebeş with their jointly activities will contribute that citizens on both sides of border, and specially in the Tamiš valley, achieved better quality of surroundings for life and on that way better and sustainable socio-economic and environmental ambient.

Recultivation and strategy for maintenance of parks in urban areas on the basis of joint cultural heritage together with modern approach of their usage will contribute to the quality of life for Banat citizens in the target areas (Pančevo 77.000 and Caransebeş 28.000 inhabitants)

Priority Axis

Project activities such as organizing urban parks on the basis of same cultural heritage from 18 century onward and joint usage of them through events, concerts, symposiums and workshops fall in Priority axis 3 Promoting “people to people” exchanges.

Priority axis objective(s)

Project activities connected with environment, youth activism and development of volunteers will contribute to develop better, faster and sustainable civil society and local communities and also improve local practices and increase educational and cultural exchanges of both communities


On the basis of project activities, their results and objectives the best adopted measure is Measure 3.1 – Support the development of civil society and local communities.

Rationale regarding consistency with programme strategy and the objectives of the priority axis

Settlements along river Tamis in the Banat have parks which are European urban cultural heritage from XVIII century. According to historical data Austrian empire developed urbanisation and typical public facilities. Among other such facilities (buildings, churches, storages) there were parks as mandatory public content of settlements. In that period Pančevo and Caransebeş established their first parks. On that way they represent artefacts of cultural heritage of people of the Banat region, now in two countries Serbia and Romania.

In contemporary life these old parks have crucial ecological function in general system of urban greenery and could be significant element of touristic offer. Pančevo and Caransebeş parks are valuable spaces which give especial charm and ambient to the settlements.

Plants, as basic element of landscape architecture, are subject of changes and they have limited life cycle. Also, they need continuous care and maintenance to survive and maintain the look we want. If this care fail, parks quickly decay, vegetation become poorer, architectonical value decreasing and conception impair. Old parks need continuous care and protection and in degraded parts reconstruction.

Conservation and arrangement of this aspect of cultural heritage in cross border area provide stability of social values as well as potential for further development of Serbo-Romanian (Banat) parks from 18 century. Experiences will be exchange through informal education and cultural and artistic events with partners.

Also, project insists on international promotion of this type of cultural heritage restoration. Settlements will get more authentic look with incorporation of landscape architecture heritage and will be unique and attractive for tourists.

Green areas have great influence primarily for environment preservation and human life, improve air and soil quality.



oes the project envisage activities which might contribute to/influence another priority axis/measure? Yes / No


If Yes, please state which one.

Priority Axis

3 – Promoting “people to people” exchanges.


3.2 – Improve local governance in relation to the provision of local services to communities in the border area

3.3 – Increase educational, social, cultural and sporting exchanges


3.2 Project activities will promote joint local development in urban landscape planning and usage. Also, they will promote partnership between CSO and Local administrations on these problems.

3.3. Project activities will enhance educational and cultural exchanges through joint symposium and workshops for arrangements old Austrian parks in the Tamis valley in cross border area.

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