Obiectivele proiectului (eng)

3.2. Project objectives (maximum 3500 characters):



Main objective is: Improvement of life quality and development of healthy environment in Banat region (Serbian and Romanian)

Green areas in urban settlements provide necessary surface for harmful gasses and dust. Careful selection of suitable plants and their care and maintenance by experts significantly improve capacity of their absorption. Fortunately plants in old Austrian parks originally were composed in great quantity from such plants. Also, above urban parks descendent flow of air masses originate because treetops are cooler then nearby asphalt and roofs. Dust and harmful gasses which this descendent flow carries with remain on the leaves or absorb by them. One hectare of coniferous trees keeps about 40 t of dust but deciduous trees keeps 100 t per year.

These facts are very important because both cities are heavy industrialized.

1. Specific objective Protected and preserved cultural heritage

Parks have important cultural and historical significance, especially these established in XVIII and XIX century. In the Tamis valley near all settlements have parks founded in that period and today present European cultural heritage. Unfortunately all of them, both Serbian and Romanian passed through period of „socialistic cultural improvement“ where they ruined their identity. In that period in parks were introduced alien species, forms and varieties that did not belong to the epoch of foundation. On that way original version was significantly break and diminish value as historical monument. With careful protection and recultivation under expert eye further decay will be stopped and architectural and cultural value will be increased. With joint efforts on same background both communities will revitalize significant European historical heritage. Revitalized parks will serve as new potential in socio-economic and ecological revival of the cross border region.

2. specific objective Educational and cultural cross border exchange

Joint work on recultivation of parks will serve as starting point to make a standard for similar activities first in the Tamis river valley (more than 40 settlements) where every settlement founded in XVIII and XIX century has minimum one such park. Similar parks in Banat region vary from 300 to 500. One of the project activities will be exchange of experience in symposium and after that organization of two workshops for transfer of gathered knowledge to stakeholders in targeted cross border area.

3. specific objective

Protected and preserved cross border environment

Existing system of urban green areas and management with them is a solid indicator of socio-economic and ecological ambient for future development of community. Establishing of such system, monitoring, improvement and management is a very complex challenge for local community and its supporting partners CSOs and business. Dynamicity of system, its complexity and constant improvement requires stable resources especially human. Volunteers with enough knowledge of system are highly desirable. Also joint actions based on same preconditions make that future results would be highly predicted.

Environmental protection and related actions, whether positive or negative, do not have borders, so joint efforts are essential to establish level of understanding and readiness for fast and well designed actions as soon as possible. CSOs and local public administrations are core of this type of activities because they present most agile subjects in actions and establishing relations between various partners, economic, governmental and civil partners. Their impact on environmental policy and protection is crucial, and they have developed good systems to advocate their interests and lobbying.

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